Relic Hunters of the Wild West

Ladies and Gentlemen Aviators

People who restore warbirds cannot just order their parts from stores called The Spitfire Shack or Mustang World or Warbirds-R-Us. They either build them from scratch, or they contact parts hunters who find them in barns, out in fields or at garage sales.  Were it not for these passionate parts hounds, many of the restoration projects today would be stalled. Follow this link to learn more.


The Maltese Falcons

Ladies and Gentlemen Aviators

75 years ago, Malta was both the most bombed place on Earth and the stage for the greatest aerial battle since the Battle of Britain, with airmen arriving from all over the British Commonwealth. In the Battle of Britain, Canadians made up only 4% of the fighter pilots, but at Malta, that number had risen to 25% and Canadians made up an even higher percentage of the aces. Follow this link to learn more


Lower than a Snake’s Belly in a Wagon Rut Redux

Ladies and Gentlemen Aviators

Every once in a while we reprise an old story from years past. Five years ago this story circled to globe and is still travelling. It was by a long margin our most read story of the nearly 500 we’ve published. Recently we’ve added dozens of new images for your enjoyment. Click here to view this incredible collection of the boldest low flying since before the Second World War.


Roundel – Vintage Wings of Canada Newsletter

This inaugural edition of the Vintage Wings of Canada newsletter, ‘The Roundel’, marks the beginning of a larger effort by Vintage Wings to provide everyone with regular and up to date information. Our intent with this first issue is alert you to important activities around the hangar, including updates on the aircraft, a heads up on upcoming activities, and some information on how you can enhance your experience with us.

Roundel Vintage Wings Newsletter

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In Search of Lost Virtues

It’s the end of 2015. Time for reflection and soul-searching. In a world of increasing danger and social change, perhaps lessons from our veterans of the Second World War can help guide us to a better time. Follow this link to learn more

In Search of Lost Values