The Battle of Britain Portraits

The Battle of Britain Portraits

Ladies and Gentlemen Aviators,

It has been nearly a month since the last Vintage News Story. New limitations on our old servers meant we had to revisit how we send our stories to 16,000 subscribers worldwide. We hope to once again pick up the pace and deliver stories of our aviation past and the people who bring it to life.

The 75 Anniversary of the Battle of Britain is upon us. In 1940, the Royal Air Force knew it was a pivotal point in the history of England and had the foresight to send two fine portrait artists to capture the face of courage. The combined oeuvre of Erik Kennington and Cuthbert Orde is staggering. Their portrait work allows us to see the dignity, determination, courage and youth of an entire generation who laid their lives upon the altar of freedom. Follow this link to learn more.

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